Our Blog -Strasbourg, August 2007

In June they opened a high speed train line from Paris to Strasbourg, cutting the travel time from over four hours to just two hours. We had heard good things about Strasbourg so we figured the summer would be a good time to visit. Strasbourg sits right on the German border and has had an interesting history since it has moved back and forth between Germany and France, depending upon who won the last war.

Strasbourg is known for its half timbered houses as they are spread throughout the city. Here is a good example of the house that is on one of the many pedestrian streets.

One of the more famous timber houses in Strasbourg is the restaurant Maison Kammerzell, built in the 16th century. We attempted to eat dinner there on our one night in the city, but we were not successful.

The Cathedrale Notre Dame is a sandstone church that was begun in 1176. There is a spire that rises to 466 feet that was finished in 1439 but because the church is closely surrounded by other buildings it is not possible to get back far enough and see the entire church.

Another view of the half timbered buildings in the city, this time they sit on the river and house restaurants.

Originally three covered bridges were in the part of the river that branched into four canals. These bridges were distinguished by four defensive towers, two of which you can see in the picture.