Our Blog - La Parisienne 2008

The La Parisienne is a 6.3k ladies-only race around the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I entered and ran in 2008, and was able to finish without the need for medical assistance. According to the official time, I finished 6799th place out of 10,945 runners, in a total of 43:11.

Here is a map of the race route:

As you can see, it wraps around the Eiffel Tower a few times before ending at the end of the Champs des Mars.

We got a few pictures of me before and during the race.

This is Susan in front of the Eiffel Tower (it in the background) prior to starting the race. The race itself started right below this, at the Pont d'Alma.

This is around the 2.5K mark. The route went under the road and came back up on the other side, and Tom was above taking a picture. You can see me there in the middle, in all black with my hair in a ponytail.

Unfortunately, Tom next caught me around the 5 or 5.5K mark, and by then, I was quite worn out and I was trying to walk a bit, as my goal was to run across the finish line.

This picture, and the next one, were taken by photographers near the finish line.

I always wanted to cross the finish line like I see the marathon runners .. hands up. Mind you, it looks like I'm sleeping coming across the finish line, but I assure you I was wide awake at that time.