Our Blog - Vaison la Romaine

Vaison la Romaine is another medium-sized town where there are quite a few roman ruin sites. Two of them next to each other that we walked through, with various houses and a theater. They have rebuilt the theater to a point and use it today for performances. We then walked over a bridge to the medieval town, which goes up a hill to an abandoned chateau. The gate to the city is still there, and it reminded us a bit of Mont St. Michel with the narrow twisty roads going up to the "top". The chateau wasn't open, but we got a great view from the top.

The Theater

This is in the ruins of one of the houses, and this is the kitchen which you can tell from the jug which was used to hold grain.

Susan standing in the kitchen (yea, like that happens often) with the jug in the background and the oven in the foreground

The latrines

A nice overview of the ruins

Another kitchen with Susan in ... seems she only cooks in 1st century kitchens :-)

Lovely mosaic floor

Closeup of the same mosaic

Another lovely floor in this house

There was one fresco left from the 2nd century, the rest has long since been destroyed

This looks like a door into the city, but in fact was the opening to the roman baths

The main street, which had stores and houses both.

Inside of a church

and the cloister

On the wall was greek or latin (I can't tell which)

The outside of the church

Old town

1st century bridge

Main entry into the old town

The remnants of a chateau and great views