Our Blog - New Years Eve at the Victor Hugo Market

Quite a short little blog here, but I thought this may be interesting. While this is New Year's Eve, it also was the same at the same market on Christmas Eve morning.

New Year's Eve has several names in French ... Saint-Sylvestre (the patron saint of the New Year) Le Réveillon (literally the awakening, normally meaning the night-time meal and celebration), or one of several combinations (Réveillon de jour de l'an, or Réveillon du Nouvel An). In general, there are no fireworks (other than in Paris), and most people spend the evening at home with family and close friends. There are definitely parties and special meals at restaurants as well. However, the constant regardless of where you go is the food.

There are some dishes which are considered staples and they seem to be the same for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve .... Foie Gras, shellfish, and champagne. We happened to go to the Victor Hugo market both mornings, and we happened to grab some pictures on the New Year's eve morning .... the market is PACKED and the lines are very long at all of the seafood sellers (not so much in the rest of the market). You can also see the stacks and stacks of Oysters stacked on the floor. We were actually looking for fish, and there really weren't that many options for just plain fish, since the shellfish had taken over almost the entire space. I have actually never seen so much shellfish ... oysters (obviously) but also very large shrimp and lobsters.

We decided to go with foie gras, Spanish ham, and a cheese tray, along with our champagne! Next year, we will have to try out all of the shellfish.