Susan in front of the 3 pyramids of Giza.

This is a more close-up view of the intact-casing on the top of the Chephren pyramid.

The 3rd pyramid is that of Micerinus. It is the smallest of the 3 major pyramids here, at 66 meters high. It was faced in granite that was still there in the 16th century but is now gone. Next to it are 3 small pyramids which were for 2 wives and a mother.

Also at Giza is the Sphinx, sitting about 350 meters from the pyramid of Cheops. It is 73 meters long and is the head of a man and the body of a lion.

Supposedly, the human head is supposed to be that of Chephren, standing guard over his tomb. The body has been covered several times with sand, leaving the head visible out of the top.

There is also a temple complex next to the spyinx.

It is heavily eroded due to wind as well as being hit by a few cannons.

This is a close-up of the Sphinx. They are trying to do restoration on it by adding this "casing" of newer stones.

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