These are the fortification walls which are still present today.

This is inside of one of the Coptic Christian churches. Both of the churches we went into had the same kind of things, several of them in each.

This is the inside of one of the Coptic churches. They have the same square shape and decorations on the inside. There are the stairs of the pulpit for the sermons.

This was an interesting "gate" that we found while walking through the souks (or bazaar area) of Cairo. The souk here was very similar to the one in Marrakesh .. lots of small stalls with goods. This one seemed (at least in the section we were in) to be much more higher-end items (jewelry stores, alabaster shops) than in Marrakesh were there were lots of clothing and food stalls.

Not the best picture in the world .. however ... One night, we went back to the Giza complex for a light and sound show. They basically did a short talk about the history of the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza through light and sound. This is a cartouche of one of the Pharaohs that had built the pyramids here (a cartouche is basically the way his name is shown in all of the documents/writings).

And one night we did a dinner cruise on the Nile River. After dinner, we had 3 different entertainers. The first was a belly dancer (no pictures .. she wasn't that good!). The 2nd too were guys doing an Egyptian spinning dance. The first was a dwarf, shown here. They are dressed in layered skirts and they spin, literally, for like 10-15 minutes without stopping. They do all kinds of different things.

This is the 2nd spinning guy.